Introduction to Audiology Today

This blog is an announcement of a new textbook for undergraduates taking their first course in audiology, for Doctor of Audiology students who are preparing for a national examination, or … Continue Reading →

RR, Bob, JJ & Jay

Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer (1930-2014): Scholar, Gentleman, and the Most Supportive Otolaryngologist an Audiologist Could Ever Ask For

Waiting for the Call My good friend Roger Ruth (1950-2009) was about mid-way through his 30-year career as Director of Audiology at the University of Virginia when he called me … Continue Reading →

JWH3 with check #1

How I Won 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Pools

Chance Entry into Two Basketball Pools Reflecting back on March Madness 2014, I beat the odds before even parting with $10 to join two NCAA Men’s Basketball pools. How many … Continue Reading →