Chirp ABR

As I summarized in a recent blog, I traveled to China in late April and early May 2014 giving lectures to otolaryngologists and others who provide audiology services in the enormous country. The very interesting trip was sponsored by GSI. I spoke in three cities (Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing) on two topics. One was the current state of speech audiometry in the world, with a focus on China. You’ll find that lecture nearby. Here is the other PPT presentation I gave, on the topic of chirp stimuli in ABR measurement. As you will learn in reviewing the lecture, chirp stimuli encompassing energy from low to high frequencies that is presented sequentially in time (low frequencies first and then about 5 ms later high frequency information) can optimize activation of the cochlea and neural fibers in the auditory system to produce a larger ABR. The result is often more confident identification of the response with less test time.

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