Listed below are some of the topics I cover in presentations ranging from 1-hour lectures to multi-day workshops. Invitations to give lectures (with the promise of an honorarium) began to arrive a few years after the publication of some peer-reviewed journal articles and the delivery of papers at professional meetings (then the annual convention of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, or ASHA). The number of invitations to speak at professional conferences increased noticeably with the publication of my Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (see Books Authored or Co-Authored by James W. Hall III).

Now there is, fortunately, considerable demand for lectures on these and other topics at state, regional, national, and international professional meetings, seminars, conferences, and congresses. The life of a road warrior is not all that glamorous. It's not a lot of fun to spend countless hours traveling to and from lecture venues, often before dawn or after dark, while dragging roll-on luggage and lugging a computer bag in and out of hotel rooms. Nonetheless, I derive satisfaction from the education of audiologists knowing that the information will lead to a better life for persons with hearing impairment, tinnitus, hyperacusis, or related auditory problems. Occasional comments or emails attesting to the positive impact of the information from persons who have attended past lectures are rewarding.

Lecture Topics

Here is an alphabetical listing of some of my current lecture topics, with a brief introduction to each theme. You can readily access additional information about each of the topics in the form of either a written paper and/or a PPT presentation (in PDF format) by clicking on the titles of the documents. Of course, anyone motivated to read more on the topics, and to seriously research them, can search for peer-reviewed publications via National Library of Medicine web site: Choose the Health Professional option, and then enter key words (e.g., "otoacoustic emissions" "newborn hearing screening") to instantly conduct your search.

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