On the sizable number of pages in the portion of the web site, you find information on my diverse professional activities.

If you're seeking a speaker for a professional conference or convention, the chair of a university department, a national sales director for a corporation, or a non-native-English speaking auditory researcher, you might want to peruse the Consulting page.

You say you're an attorney who needs an expert witness for an audiologist or an otolaryngologist who is a defendant in a professional liability case, or some other client with legal problems involving noise exposure, hearing or related disorders (e.g., tinnitus)? Then by all means click on the Expert Witness Services link. By the way, I have nothing against lawyers. In fact, I have a daughter and a son who currently practice in Florida (see Personal Pages).

Convention or meeting program coordinators looking for an audiology speaker, and also clinical audiologists, audiology students, and curious non-audiologists, who want to learn more about a specific topic, may be most interested in reviewing Lecture Topics. Embedded within Lecture Topics are many hundreds of pages of practical and current information on a wide assortment of audiology and hearing topics. The information is in the form of PowerPoint presentations I've prepared and delivered, and articles that I've written.

A number of times during any given year, I'll travel to all parts of the globe to give 1 day, or multi-day, workshops to audiologists or other health professionals. You can get a sense of what goes on in these workshops by checking out the programs for some of my Recent Presentations.

You can't leave this web site without taking a glimpse at the Books pages. There you'll find an informal little description about how each of 7 books was conceived and delivered (never on time). You'll also get a sneak preview of coming attractions ... a few books that are now in the writing or production stage. The Books part of the web site will prompt you to pull out a credit card so you can order one or more books from the publisher or another vendor (

And, last but certainly not least, I encourage American readers to venture outside our borders by viewing information among the International Work pages. If you are accessing the web site from elsewhere in the world, and you're thinking about organizing an audiology or hearing related conference or maybe implementing new clinical services, please review the International Work pages and then contact me.

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