Books Authored or Co-Authored by James W. Hall III

Fortunately, I like to write. Unfortunately, given the rather small number of audiologists in the world, it's not possible to make a living ... even a very modest existence ... from audiology textbook royalties. Even a popular graduate audiology textbook generates a surprisingly meager amount of money for the author. My first book was the 871 page tome entitled Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses, affectionately referred to by my wife Missy as "that Damn Book of Auditory Evoked Responses". The writing began in 1986 about the time our 3rd child Victoria was born. After much adversity (e.g., a professional move, unreliable antiquated PC computers, dozens of lost or damaged floppy discs, unwanted and uncontrollable changes in publishers) and many long hours working late into weekday nights and from morning to evening on weekends, birthdays, holidays (yes, even anniversaries!), the Handbook was finally published as my daughter entered the 1st grade. I once divided the accumulated royalties for the Handbook of AERs by a conservative estimate of the thousands of hours I devoted to the project. Let's just say the book was a labor of love, and I never quit my day job.

You'll find in this page a little background information on each of the published books. Other audiology books will be forthcoming from my computer (and brain), including in the near future an up-to-date and very clinically oriented undergraduate introduction to audiology textbook. Maybe one of these days I'll write a best selling novel sprinkled with sex (the bed-time page turner Nocturnal Otoacoustic Emissions) or a mystery (perhaps The Case of the Missing 3 dB) with sales challenging those of my namesake, the popular Florida mystery novelist James W. Hall. Until then, the market for my books will remain small, albeit very loyal.


eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses



Introduction to Audiology Today (2014)



Otoacoustic Emissions (2018)



Objective Assessment of Hearing (2010)


New Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (2007)


Handbool of Otoacoustic Emissions (2000)


Audiologist Desk References vol.1 & vol.2 (1997/1998)


The Handbook of Auditory Evoked Responses (1992)