Consulting Services

Additional Information

I provide a variety of consulting services related to audiology and hearing. For example, I’ve taught on a temporary basis courses as an adjunct faculty member at several universities, most recently Nova Southeastern University and Illinois State University. Typically I’m filling a gap in the existing faculty while the hiring process is underway. Although there is a negotiable fee for most of the services, I regularly volunteer my time and effort to perform as a professional courtesy work for not-for-profit non-commercial entities.

Here are examples of some of the projects I've participated in during the past few years. 

  • Preparation of technical and educational documents for professionals or consumers. One such project was a set of guides sponsored by a major audiological equipment manufacturer (Maico) on tympanometry and otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) written for physicians (otolaryngologists, pediatricians) and nurses. I've included on the web site as an example of this work one of the Maico Guides.
  • Review and edit of pre-publication research paper manuscripts for non-native English speakers. Acceptance of manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals is enhanced by natural and grammatically correct usage of the English language. An audiologist with publication experience is best-suited for provision of this service. 
  • Consultant on funded research projects involving hearing or auditory function. As an example, I am now serving as a paid consultant on research project to examine sensory function (hearing, vision, chemical senses) in Parkinson's Disease (Principal Investigator Dr. Richard Doty), funded by the Department of Defense.
  • Review of tenure and promotion application packets for university faculty, at the request of the Department chair.
  • Partial or full instruction of a university course to fill temporary gaps in faculty expertise or to enhance or augment student education in a specialty area. Here is an enthusiastic group of Doctor of Audiology students at Nova Southeastern University.
    I've taught partial or full (3 semester hour) courses, with laboratories as appropriate, in a variety of subject areas, including:
    • Auditory electrophysiology (ABR, ECochG, cortical evoked responses)
    • Non-auditory electrophysiology (e.g., VEMP, ENoG)
    • Electrophysiologic monitoring (intra-operative or neuro-intensive care unit)
    • Tinnitus and hyperacusis
    • Auditory processing disorders (APD)
    • Modern diagnostic audiology
    • Electro-acoustic auditory measures in audiology today
    • Best practices in audiology
    • Pediatric audiology
  • Consultant or outside member on doctoral student committees and dissertation committees.
  • Provision of hearing screening services, including hearing screening required in Head Start programs. Services include follow up screening of children who initially yield a REFER finding, and signed letters documenting hearing screening outcome.
  • On-site clinical or educational services (for a fee or honorarium) in any geographical location, including:
    • Direct provision of diagnostic clinical services
    • Evaluation of audiology clinic operation and test protocols with full report
    • Hands-on instruction and education of audiologists on various clinical topics, such as newborn hearing screening, auditory evoked responses, tinnitus/hyperacusis, and auditory processing disorders
    • Interactive small-group audiology staff seminars

Don't hesitate to contact me via email to initiate a discussion about consultation services.