Diagnostic Audiometry

Diagnostic audiometry includes the techniques and strategies for differentiation among different types of hearing loss, and defining the degree of hearing loss. The latest techniques are typically employed for pediatric hearing assessment, consistent with evidence-based recommendations of multi-disciplinary groups such as the 2007 Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (again, a Google search will take you directly to the 2007 JCIH position statement). Unfortunately, an outdated (60 year old) test battery is often used for hearing assessment of older children and adults.

One of my audiology crusades is to convince practicing audiologists to update their diagnostic approach. Why not discard, as appropriate, lengthy, inefficient, and ineffective traditional test procedures in favor of newer, quicker, and more sensitive test procedures in the diagnosis assessment of auditory function? We should include procedures in the test battery only because they add diagnostic value (only perform value added tests), and contribute to management and ultimately outcome of the patient. You can read about this evidence-based approach to hearing assessment in an article and also in a PPT presentation.

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