Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Student Teaching

I remain very actively involved in the education of AuD students even though I’m no longer fully employed as a faculty member at a single university. Rather … “The world is my classroom.” Here is a summary of courses I teach and a listing of my past and current university affiliations. The narrative is enlivened with a handful of photographs of AuD students from some of the universities.

Typically when teaching a course I combine one or two intensive 3 to 5 day periods of on-campus classroom lectures and supervised laboratory sessions with regular on-line chats and lectures throughout a semester. Doctor of Audiology students look forward to day-to-day interactions with a leader in the field who is also the author of books and articles they’ve read. My student evaluation scores are consistently high. And, I very much enjoy my time with students, both in the classroom and in casual after class discussions.

Courses I Teach

University Affiliations

I welcome the opportunity to teach focused seminars on topics such as auditory electrophysiology, tinnitus/hyperacusis, and auditory processing disorders or any of the preceding courses at any university anywhere in the world on an as-needed basis.

Please feel free to contact me via email at to discuss teaching opportunities at your university.

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