Sensorineural Acuity Level (SAL)

If there were an award for an underused yet very valuable clinical procedure in audiology, it would certainly go to the sensorineural acuity level (SAL) test. Half a century after it's first description in the literature, the SAL procedure still is employed regularly by only a handful of audiologists worldwide. Almost all of this elite and stubborn band of audiologists are either former students of James Jerger (Does the name Brad Stach ring a bell?) or his audiology grandchildren (former students of Dr. Jerger's former students).

For many years, several of us enjoyed delusions of resurrecting the SAL and elevating it to the audiology pedestal where it belongs. In reality, however, most audiologists just can't seem to break away from their allegiance to traditional bone conduction audiometry. Always the optimist, and a strong proponent of the technique, I encourage you to look over the PPT presentation on my pal SAL, and read the Page Ten article on bone conduction (The Clinical Challenges of Bone-Conduction Measurement) in hopes that you will join the small but dedicated SAL corps.

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