eHandbook of Auditory Evoked Responses

The eHandbook includes a comprehensive practical review of procedures and protocols for measurement and analysis of all major auditory evoked responses, with four chapters devoted to the ABR alone. In addition, the latest advances in clinical research are covered in the eHandbook, from chirp stimuli in pediatric ABR recordings to clinical applications of cortical auditory evoked responses in children and adults. The bibliography includes over 1000 references and related publications. Easily downloaded from to one or two electronic devices via Kindle Direct Publishing.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Auditory Evoked Responses

Chapter 2. Introduction to Electrocochleography 

Chapter 3. Electrocochleography: Clinical Populations

Chapter 4. Introduction to Auditory Brainstem Response

Chapter 5. Auditory Brainstem Response: Stimulus Parameters

Chapter 6. ABR: Acquisition Parameters and Test Protocols

Chapter 7. ABR: Analysis and Trouble Shooting

Chapter 8. ABR: Clinical Applications and Patient Populations

Chapter 9. Auditory Steady State Response

Chapter 10. Auditory Middle Latency Response

Chapter 11. Auditory Late Response

Chapter 12. P300 Response and Mismatch Negativity Response

Chapter 13. Meet the Manufacturers