My Family

What a blessing to be married to my best friend for over 40 years, and to watch three children grow into three adults. My wife Missy is a very talented and experienced exceptional student education (ESE, or special education) teacher. After she resigned from a teaching position in a middle school in St. Augustine, she served as Director of Children’s Ministries at the First United Methodist Church in St. Augustine. She’s now “retired” a second time to help care for her aging parents.

Oldest son Jason (Jay) is a wildlife biologist who went on to complete law school at the University of Florida with an emphasis on environmental law. He’s now employed in south Florida as a lawyer. In October 2013, Jason married Courtney Lancaster in a wonderful wedding ceremony that took place in Charleston South Carolina. You’ll see the beautiful bride and her handsome husband in a nearby collage of family photographs.

In the summer of 2010, our son Austin completed an 8-year commitment in the U.S. Marine Corps that included combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Late that year, he also graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Economics and International Business. He is currently employed in Jacksonville Florida where he lives with his lovely wife Alessandra and their kids Charlie and Sofia.

Daughter is a graduate of Flagler College (excellent small school in St. Augustine) and a graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville FL. She’s currently working at The Springs of Tampa Bay as an Injunction for Protection Attorney for an organization that provides free legal services to help survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. She is also the Children’s Ministry Director for Keystone United Methodist Church.

In October 2012 our son Austin and daughter-in-law Alessandra gave us our first grandchild. Austin “Charlie” Hall is shown here at about 4.5 months old with his grandfather clearly enjoying a passage from the classic 1943 CC Bunch book entitled “Clinical Audiometry.” In my Introduction to Audiology Today, you’ll find a photograph of Charlie’s ear (at two weeks) and an action shot of him undergoing hearing screening (also at 2 weeks).

In October 2014, our son Austin and daughter-in-law Alessandra gave us our second grandchild, Ana Sofia Hall. 

In April 2015, our daughter Victoria and son-in-law Kyle gave us our third grandchild, William James Finn McNeal.